VGS Overclocked II

New project with the gang from the Video Games Show. VGS Overclocked is just us…bullshitting. I was on this week’s episode so check it out!


Geeked Out Podcast Ep133

Just a quick update on the future of the show.



After almost 10 months, the show will return…

Geeked Out Podcast Ep132

Nick Kraftor from the world famous Video Games Show joins us this week for most of the show. We discuss Phoenix Comicon, Josh getting a new phone soon, John Oliver and Edward Snowden, Surface 3, Fuller House and more Hollywood recycles, Cloud based gaming and OnLive, and just poking fun at Chris!


Geeked Out Podcast Ep131

This week we are uncensored and have Jadie joining us as a guest. We talk Windows 10, Mars One may be a scam, Playstation Vue, Cities: Skylines, physical over digital reading, and Spotify DOES spur purchase. All that and the XBA reunion show on VGS next week!


Geeked Out Podcast Ep130

Chris and Josh discover Google Feud and play 2 rounds each during the show. Discussion was light this week but we know Apple sells your Siri data…just like Samsung. Josh hates Verizon and will be ditching them come April. We talk house and plenty of movies and TV.


Geeked Out Podcast Ep129

Chris and Josh are FINALLY back to discuss the past month with Apple, Samsung, Comcast, and more. Tune in and hopefully the regular schedule resumes!